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Coming soon! Truck Mount Forums Informational Website which will help Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Professionals share Ideas for Cleaning, Truck Mount repairs, Marketing and many other interesting topics. 

Our Forum will set the Premise for keeping it Professional, excluding Misconduct, Name Calling and Character Bashing which takes away from the True Purpose of what a Educational Forum should be all about. There are Administrators operating Forums, that like to Bash Individuals and their Company's Products, in which, if these Companies are not offering FREE Products, or giving Advertising Money, or create a "Competitive Wedge" for the Forum Administators sponsored Advertisers, the Forum Administrator will attempt to discredited those Company's Equipment / Products and its Company's Owners.

We will be offering FREE Advertisment for Carpet & Restoration Companies and help 
build their businesses as well as share Ideas in support of the Restoration Industry.
.......and Yes, even if they are Not using our Blue Baron Truck Mounts or Products.

We believe what "Comes around, Goes around"

Very Truly Yours Respectfully,
Pete & Julie Garland (Joint Owners of Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC)
We are a Family Run Business. Here are our 3 Sons and Grandson.
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I have been in Carpet & Restoration Industry for 40 years and during that time have put a lot of time and money in advertisement Ads, Flyer Campaigns and designing Business cards etc.

Ask for this FREE PDF Combined Collection of Ads by Liking Us on Facebook and providing your name and email address so we can send the PDF File to you absolutely FREE with no obligation to purchase anything. Your Success is important to us!

Compliments from Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC